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Car Jump Starter 2000A with 10W Wireless Charging 12V Auto Booster Battery Pack Jump Box - Jomgand JW401

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Car Jump Starter 2000A with 10W Wireless Charging 12V Auto Booster Battery Pack Jump Box - Jomgand JW401
Why do you need a better Jump Starter?

Based on our research, many people experience problems starting their car throughout the year. If you are based in the United States, AAA roadside assistance will cost you $199+ per year, and they usually take 2-3 hours to solve your problem. Traditional jump starters need to be charged for an hour before it is able to jump start your car, delaying your plans for the rest of the day. The batteries in a traditional jump starter rely on chemical reactions to work, and the freezing temperatures in the winter can slow or even stop those chemical reactions, making it harder to start your car. On top of that, small sparks from poor-quality jumper cables and batteries can lead to a fire or even an explosion.

Introduce Highlights of Jomgand JW401 Jump Starter:

Jump Start Dead Battery Fast and Safely:

Car accessories are not meant for everyone. It can get very complicated and even dangerous when it comes to dealing with dead batteries. Jomgand products are designed for every car owner to use easily and safely. Jomgand JW401 2000A Peak Car Jump Starter can start the vehicles up to 8.0L Gas/6.0L Diesel engines, it can re-start your died car in few seconds and a single charge can achieve 50 times jump-start.

Quick & Wireless Charging:
Disaster always seems to happen at the worst time. You are on the way to pick up your date and your car is out of power. To make matters worse, your phone is also dead. Don't worry, the JW401 car starter integrates 10W ultra-fast charging technology. This powerful jump starter battery pack is also a portable power bank, designed with one Type-C input, one TYPE-C output and 2 USB outputs. The Quick Charge 3.0 output can quickly and efficiently charge your electronic devices. It is also equipped with a 10W wireless charging pad for compatible devices. Charge smartphones, tablets, and other portable technologies. Small and portable, to meet all travel needs. 

Emergency LED flashlight:

The Car battery jump starter with 3 lighting modes which represents stable, strobe and SOS, it can be used as a torch, life-saving signal light, and traffic warning light. Whether you need light to change a tire, inspect an engine, or need to warn oncoming traffic that you are broken down on the side of the road, the ultra-bright LED flashlight will have you covered. We hope you never use it, but we hope you have it when you need it.


【Use 50 times for Single Charge 】: With 22,000 mAh ultra-large battery capacity and 2000A peak current, Jomgand JW401 can start 8.0L 12V gas engines or 6.0L 12v diesel enginers, motorcycles, ships, snowmobiles or other 12V engine-driven equipment. It can re-start your dead car in few seconds and a single charge can achieve 50 times jump-start. More than 24 Month Standby.
【Heavy-Duty Clamp Cables】: Smart jumper cable built-in 8 protections and visible alarms to automatically detect connection, will free all your worries about incorrect operation and sparks.Updated bolder cable for better conductivity; the clamp has a larger opening, which is suitable for all car battery.
【Intelligent Design & Safety-Protection】: Real-time battery status on LED informative screen offers a more intuitive user experience, you can start your car easily.Besides,our power starter is UL listed as per UL2743,make the ultimate protection for your safety.
【Multi-Function】: JW401 jump starter is a Portable Power Bank, fast charging your Qi-compatible phone or wireless charging case for earbuds at up to 10W. The jump pack is also equipped with USB output (5V 2.4A) / micro USB (5V 2A) and (5V 3A) Type-C input.3 modes LED flashlight (SOS/Blink/Strobe) for outdoor use.
【Works Under Extreme Temperature】: Cold temperatures slow down the chemical reactions required inside a battery to produce enough current to power a jump starter. Once that happens, it is difficult to start a car engine. The JW401 has had a series of breakthroughs in the development of preheating technology so that even under extreme cold weather conditions of -20° F/ 50° C, the JW401 can start your car Fast and Safely.
【Warranty & Support】: What in the box: Car jump starter *1, Smart jumper clip *2, USB to type Cable *1, User manual *1, Storage box *1, 1-Year Warranty. Please contact us anytime with any question. 1-Year Warranty & 30-Day General Return is available. If you need any help, please feel free to contact info@jomgand.com
Warning: Before use the JW401, Please read the user guide carefully.

Downward file:   User's Guide

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Technical Parameter:
Starting Current:1000A
Peak Current: 2000A
Input: Type-C 5V/3A; Micro USB:5V/2A
Output:Type-C 5V/3A; USB:5V/2.4A; Wireless Charger Up to 10W
Charging temp:10℃ to 45℃
Discharge temp:-20℃ to 50℃
Storage temp:-20℃ to 50℃
Service life:>1000 cysles
Full Charging Time:5-6 Hours
Dimensions and Weight:
Dimensions: 217 x 90 x 33 mm
Net Weight(dev.20g): 675g
Package Weight: 1007g

Packing Size: 250 x 120 x 80 mm
What's in the Package?
Jomgand JW401 Car jump starter × 1
Smart jumper clip × 2
USB to type Cable × 1
User manual × 1
Storage box × 1
1-Year Warranty & 30-Day General Return

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Question 1: I have a car don't drive often, will your car battery booster start my car smoothly?
Answer 1: Jomgand 401 jump starter owns 2000A peak and 22000mAh capacity, it can start 12-volt dead batteries fast.
Here is the step about how to start your vehicles:
1. Press the ON/OFF button before use jump starter box.
2. Attach the smart clamp EC5 pulug to the jump starter
3. Attach the red clamp to the battery's positive"+" and the black clamp to the negative"-"
4. Turn in on and start your car
5. Remove the clamps and pack away
Question 2: Can it support wireless charging?
Answer 2: Yes, It supports 10W wireless charging function, 22000mAh large-capacity battery, which can provide enough power to quickly charge the smartphone.
Question 3: Can I jump start my 5L engine car with this battery booster?
Answer 3: Sure, Jomgand Jump Starters can easily jump start-up to 8L gasoline and 6L diesel engine.
Question 4: What is the warranty on this?
Answer 4: Hi, Jomgnad provides 12 months hassle-free warranty,30-Day General Return and lifetime technical support.If you need any help, please feel free to contact info@jomgand.com
Question 5: What is the capacity in mAh?
Answer 5: Hi, The Battery capacity is 22000mAh.
Question 6 : Will it start a lawn mower?
Answer 6: This will absolutely start a lawn mower.
Question 7: Are the jumper cables removable?
Answer 7: Yes. The cables are removable and only plug in one way.
Question 8: Do I need an extra cable to charge the Jomgand?
Answer 8: It charges with a USB type C charger. It's not included.
Question 9: Will this start up a 5.5l diesel truck?
Answer 9: Yes it should. I bought this one for our v8 truck
Question 10: How to turn off Jomgand JW401 jump starter?
Answer 10: Hi, please press the button on the jump starter body after using.
Question 11: How long does it take to full charge Jomgand JW401 jump starter?
Answer 11: Hello, Approx 5 hours through quick charge input.
Question 12: How long does the battery hold the charge?
Answer 12: Hi, It can hold 70% of its rated capacity for up to 1 year. For optimal performance and life-span, we recommend you fully charge the jump starter each 3 months.
Question 13: Why did the jump starter not start immediately when I first used it?
Answer 13: Generally, car will start immediately the first time. Some cars need to connect the ignition for 30 seconds to start. If the car does not start immediately, please wait for 20-30 seconds and try again, continuously start no more than 5 times within 15 minutes.

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