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JOMGAND is a newly established brand of household batteries, outdoor power supplies and battery replacements. JOMGAND provides durable, high-quality batteries with the best capacity for higher efficiency and long-term operation. We are confident in our ability to help create a more comfortable and convenient lifestyle for our customers.

JOMGAND's product line include toy and game batteries, household batteries, outdoor batteries, power-tool batteries, vacuum-cleaner batteries, jump starters, energy-storage devices and many more. JOMGAND is continually working to add new products in a variety of applications for the future.

JOMGAND Battery Characteristics

Outstanding performance

Superior LIPO/NIMH raw material

High safety ratings

Environmentally friendly

Longer service life

Advanced production technology


Jomgand is your go-to choice because we offer a safe and reliable online shopping experience.  We have an overseas warehouse, so fast local delivery is just a click away.  With professional customer service, we are prepared to help in any way we can, as well as offer a direct-pricing guarantee from our factory.  We are committed to stand by the reliability and high quality in our products, but, more than anything else, we are dedicated to placing customers first and foremost before anything else.


With a focus on advanced technology and stellar customer service, JOMGAND is devoted to improving its products so that its clients can regularly enjoy more efficient and environmentally-friendly performance.  We aim to meticulously meet our clients’ needs and make their lives more enjoyable everyday.


If you have any questions or needs, contact us via email: info@jomgand.com. We can take up to 48 hours to respond to emails, so please be patient.  Your comments are highly appreciated, and we will utilize any feedback for future product development.

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