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1.Affiliate Program

Special notice: After you register, you can directly select the products you are interested in for promotion. If there your account is abnormal , we will send you an email in time.


Partners can register and join through the Jomgand affiliate invitation link, and then click the affiliate activation link in the mailbox to become a member of the Jomgand affiliate project.

2)Partners’ Dashboard


You can get the referral link for special products to promote and generate the promotion link.


Affiliates can choose their own commission payment method and fill in the relevant bound email address.

2.Commission Percentage

1)10% general commission, which can be used for the promotion of any products in stock on the website.

2)The discount codes displayed on the website can be used, but cannot be used in addition.

3.Statement on the use of the affiliates information

The website has the right to know the basic user information of the affiliate partners and guarantee that it will not be used for third-party marketing outside the website.

4.Commission Payment Form

In order to ensure the normal payment of customer commissions and the security of customer funds accounts, the website chooses to pay customers commissions through Paypal transfer and other forms, and specifically follows the company's financial payment process.

5.Commission Withdrawal Conditions

1)The 3-month Warranty Time is consistent with the order post-sale time of the website. During this period, if the customer does not return the goods, the commission payment system will be triggered normally.

2)Affiliate commission withdrawal needs to meet over $30 and 30 days to pay , and 15% of the commissions of the affiliate customers are not paid, as a deposit, to deduct the commission amount for refunds or cancellations of customers during the guarantee period (3 months), and it will be automatically postponed every month. The overall 15% commission is not paid. When your amount reaches the performance standard, you can contact us via info@jomgand.com to apply.

3)When the affiliates terminate the cooperation, the website will settle and pay the remaining 15% of the commission deposit within 30 working days.

6.Contact us

Come and join us! If you have any questions about affiliate corporation, contact us via email: info@jomgand.com

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