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NiMH batteries

Rechargeable battery

Voltage: 1.2V
The disadvantage of nickel-hydrogen batteries is that most of them cannot be discharged with high current like lithium batteries. The advantage is that the same volume capacity is more than twice that of nickel-cadmium battery, cheaper than lithium batteries, the memory effect is small, and friendly to environment.
Common Size: D type, C type, AA, AAA, button type and various non-standard size.

How to know the size according to the battery type?

There is a list chart for you.

Battery size chart

So where can the common batteries be used in our daily?

1) AA battery

This is the most common in our daily. Most used in Electric shavers, electronic toys, digital devices, etc. Many AA rechargeable batteries are also used as battery packs, especially the 4.8V rechargeable four-cell combination on toys.

2)AAA battery

AAA batteries are a bit smaller in size than AA batteries. They are mostly used in remote controls and other occasions where the size is limited but the power consumption is not too large. Flashlights are also used, but most of them are used in combination, such as the cordless phone batteries, most of them are used the 2.4V AAA battery pack.

3) C Size battery

C-type batteries are a bit smaller in size than D-type batteries, and are mostly used in flashlights and audio-visual equipment.

4) D size battery

This is the same as AA batteries, that can be used in many occasions such as electronic lighting equipment, flashlights and so on.

5) AAAA battery (not commonly)

Mostly used in some medium and high-end electronic devices, such as Bluetooth headsets

6) A battery (not commonly)

Type A batteries are mostly flat-head batteries, which are generally used as battery packs. The height of A batteries is similar to C batteries, and the diameter is slightly smaller.

In addition to the above applications, there are more places where we can use these batteries in our daily lives, and rechargeable Ni-MH batteries mean that they can be cycled without the need to buy new ones like disposable battery.



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