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What is Jomgand?

Why is there Jomgand ?

There are more and more application scenarios of batteries in our lives, especially with the use of more and more electronic products, such as sweepers and vacuum cleaners. Jomgand is a professional battery manufacture, dedicated to providing batteries for various electronic products

What is Jomgand?

Jomgand is a manufacturer with extensive experience in the production of batteries, offers OEM batteries for multiple brands. After more than 20 years of development, Jomgand now have several factories producing lithium batteries and Ni-MH batteries. The products manufactured and sold by Jomgand have been wide used by the market. At the same time, Jomgand is also committed to developing its own new products

Jomgand Products

Jomgand has a wide range of products, such as battery for power tool, NIMH/lipo battery for daily use, NiMH RC batteries, JUMP starter for cars, etc.

The Jomgand Replacement Battery for Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner and the Car JUMP starter with wireless charging has been released

Jomgand Batteries Replacement for Dyson vacuum cleaner

Jomgand jump starter battery

Jomgand Lipo Battery Features

  High Quality: Superior NiMH and Lithium Polymer raw materials.

 Safe:  High safety coefficient.

 Longer Cycle Life:  Almost double that of standard lipoly technology.

Jomgand Goal

Our goal is to make Jomgand an internationally renowned brand, so we focus on our product quality and customer experience. We are committed to making your life more enjoyable and convenient. 


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