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What to expect from a Jump Starter?

Technology today is extraordinary. Jump starters have taken a leap and, if you purchase, the right one, are pretty multi functional. A portable battery charged jump starter will provide you with an easy-to-use jump starter, and one that is powerful, but can also give you emergency light, USB chargers for all your devices, and if you go really fancy, radio, air compressors, inverters and 12 volt outlets.

A good jump starter will never fail you

Mostly, what anyone expects from a jump starter is that it works. When you buy a jump starter, and this is important information for any auto repair store that sells jump starters, is check who is buying the jump starter and what kind of vehicle they are using it for. If it is a boat, they may need a specialist jump starter and not a small car jump starter. Trucks need different jump starters to tiny convertibles! So always sell the right jump starter to the right person. And if you are the purchaser, always buy the right jump starter.

A jump starter should be a once off purchase

A good jump starter is a once off purchase. You should be able to buy a good quality jump starter, and we really do recommend that you go ‘high tech’ which means small, compact, portable, battery operated and a jump starter that at least has a flashlight and charging options. If you are on a long trip, or travelling with a friend or partner, it is nice to be able to charge all devices as you travel. While most cars have an outlet or two, a jump starter has a few. It just keeps things easy.

You can jump start your vehicle on your own

The fabulous thing about a portable battery operated jump starter is that you do not need another vehicle and another driver to help you. You do not have to phone a friend, or phone an auto repair company and say HELP. All you need to do is take out your portable battery operated jump starter, connect the cables to your car engine, and get it going. And if you are in the dark, you have the flashlight on the jump starter to help you. And if your tyres go flat, and you have a really high tech jump starter, you can fill up your tyres. Or fill up bicycle tyres. A good jump starter goes a long way.

How do you know if your car needs a jump start

We know that sinking feeling of switching on your vehicle and - nothing happens. The engine is dead. Maybe you left your lights on all night, maybe your battery is old and needs help, or maybe there is another problem.

When you switch on your car and there is a clicking noise but no engine noise, it is most likely to be a dead battery and it is most likely that you need a good jump start. You will know for sure that it is your battery that it is a problem with your battery if your lights do not go on, or if they re usually dim. If you lights are bright, then it is likely you have another problem. And if your radio is working, or your electrical windows are working, you probably have an issue with the starter and not with your battery.

If it is your battery that is a problem, the jump starters will more than 95% likely to work. If you manage to get your car jump started but the engine fails straight away soon after, then it may be another problem. A driver can usually tell instinctively if the problem is with the car battery; it’s all in the sound of the engine and the feel of the car. This somehow applies to non technically minded driver’s too.

Why we recommend portable battery operated jump starters

Provided you have a good quality portable battery operated jump starter, your jump starter is unlikely to fail you.Portable jump starters can be used anywhere  and at any time. They provide the amperage needed for you to crank the engine and start your car. The portable battery jump starter does need to be charged occasionally, which is easy enough to do. You just take it inside, plug it in to an outlet and let it charge.

You don’t have to worry about your portable jump starter failing you, unless you forget to charge it for months at a time. There are a variety of brands of jump starters, look at the Jomgand Brands but do your own research, look online, ask the people who do your car service what you should get, or go to an auto repair store. The automobile associations will also give you good advice, or even sell jump starters.

Jump starters can save your life

The bottom line is a jump starter can literally save your life. It’s one thing getting stuck at home or at the office, but it is another having a dead car on a dark highway in the middle of the night, or on a long road trip in the middle of nowhere. In a way, you owe it to yourself to have a good quality jump starter and to know how to use it. And if you have children who are driving, they should definitely have jump starters in their cars too.

A jump starter makes a great gift, to yourself and to the people that you love. Auto repair stores should sell good quality jump starters and the prices are well worth it. Is a jump starter a weird gift to give someone? Not at all, it is a thoughtful and clever gift. Many jump starters are not expensive but make sure you do use a good brand. You want a jump starter that is multi functional and also has USB chargers and a flashlight. And if you get one with compressors, all the better!

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