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Everyone has had that sinking feeling where they get into their car, switch on the ignition and then, boom, absolutely nothing. They try again, they think oh no this cannot be happening to me, try one more time and then wonder who to phone and how long it will take. Yes, the car needs a jump starter and there is that immediate regret about not buying the jump starter when they could have.

Everyone needs a jump start in their car. There are the old fashioned jump starters, which always work although they are clumsy and take up space in the car, or there are the new more high tech jump starters that operate off a battery and come in a small contained box. Either way, you need a jump starter, a portable jump starter, in your vehicle at all times. Your kids, if they are driving, also need a set, and so do your friends. Because otherwise they will all call you when they have a problem!

Where do I buy a jump starter

Almost all automobile repair shops sell jump starters, and in fact, for any automobile repair store, selling jump starters is a good way to make extra money. Automobile repair stores display their jump starters easily for customers to see them, and generally stock a few brands and a few sizes. There are the most simple of jump starters, and there are also the jump starters that a driver can use to charge his phone and mobile accessories, and also jump starters that have flashlights attached. So, if you need a jump starter, go to an auto repair store or look online. Both are good options. The automobile association usually sell them too. Prices range depending on the features.

What size jump starter do I need?

If you have a small or average sized car with a small or average size engine, then a jump starter that gives between 400 and 600 cold cranking amps would be okay. If you have an older car, your engine might take a little bit more to get it going, and you might need a slightly more powerful jump starter. And if you have a big engine, a 4 x 4 or a truck, you probably need the best jump starter on the market, maybe one that reaches 1000 cold cranking amps. There are always options. Chat to the auto repair store and ask what they suggest for your vehicle.

Ideally, you want a portable jump starter and you want one that is compact and will not take up too much space. It goes without saying that the more expensive jump starters are going to be the more powerful, but they are likely to have the added feature too, such as the ability to charge other devices (your child’s mobile entertainment when you go on a  long trip) and flashlight for night time emergencies, or any emergency really. You want a portable jump starter with a great battery.

There are several compact and portable car jump starters on the market but if you are a regular car user and have no idea what kind or size jump starter you need, the auto repair store will always advice you. If you have an engine up to 8 litres gas or 6 litre diesel, then you probably want a Jomgand with wireless quick charging that will definitely meet the requirements of your vehicle.

How do I charge the actual jump starter?

You need to read the instructions of the jump starter that you buy, and generally read them when you buy the jump starter so you are not suddenly anxious when your car battery goes dead. When you buy your jump starter, charge it fully by inserting it into any outlet, the same way you would charge a mobile device. A light will tell you when it is fully charged. That is all you have to do.You will then pack it into your car, either into the cubby hole if it is a small one, or into the bonnet of your car. Remember to charge it from time to time. Although the battery lives are usually pretty good, you should remember to give it a good charge occasionally, between use. Again, the instructions of your particular jump starter will tell you what to do.

Portable jump starters such as the Jomgand have an incredible battery that will last a very long time. This is the good news as people do not want to worry about charging the battery often. In fact, a portable jump starter is a piece of equipment that you want to buy, store in your car, not worry about it, until you need it! That is why the battery is so important.

A good jump starter, portable with battery, will also tell you when the battery needs a charge. Different manufacturers have different rules and life spans, so read the instructions. Our advice would be to buy a jump starter that is not going to fail you!

How to use a jump starter?

It’s usually pretty simple and the most unlikely of people can work them out. You don’t have to be technically minded. Just be careful and if you are not sure what you are doing, read the manual first or ask for help.

  • Turn the car off.
  • Take the keys out of the ignition.
  • Remember your car must be in neutral and not in gear or drive.
  • Ensure you keep your face away from the battery.
  • Don’t have any jewellery dangling down.
  • Never have a cigarette lighter or anything flammable near you.
  • Keep your body to the side of the car and not in front.
  • Keep the charger at cable’s length from the battery.
  • Make sure your battery charger matches the jump starter output voltage.
  • Check for the positive and negative terminals, on the charger.
  • Check for the positive and negative terminals on the car battery.
  • Generally positive is red and negative is black.
  • Make sure the jump starter and the car are switched off, when you connect the terminals.
  • Connect the positive jump starter cable to the positive battery terminal.
  • Connect the negative jump cable to an unpainted, stable metal part.
  • This part should be away from the battery, fuel lines, engine covers or carburettor.
  • Turn on the jump starter.
  • Turn on the engine.
  • Try once. If it works immediately, slowly let power build up. No revving.
  • If it doesn't work, slowly ry again.
  • You might have to adjust the jumper clamps if it is not working.
  • Once the engine starts, switch off the jump starters and remove the cables, negative first and then positive.
  • Keep your engine going.
  • Pack away the jump starter.

Happy driving!

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