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The 6 Best Portable Car Jump Starters in 2021

Every vehicle owner should have a portable jump starter, so you never have to wait around for someone to jump start your dead battery ever again. If you are looking for the best value for money or the most popular products, then the following list will serve as your reference.

1. NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Car jump starter

If you think you need a little more power to get you going, then the NOCO Boost Plus GB40 is rated at 1000A. This jump starter is compact yet powerful and can offer up to 20 jump starts on a single charge.

You can safely use this jump starter on vehicles with gasoline engines up to 6 liters and diesel engines up to 3 liters. The keyword here is ‘safely.’ This jump starter features some foolproof design, anti-spark protection, and reverse polarity protection to help prevent things from going awry even if you hook up the cables the wrong way.

2. TrekPow 800A jump starter

The TrekPow 800A is an excellent choice for small everyday vehicles. It has just enough power to get your average small vehicle up and running without a hitch. This jump starter was designed to be used by your average driver.

It will let you know if you have connected the cables in the wrong order by beeping, and it comes complete with a voltmeter that can tell you the voltage of your car battery.

Overall it is sturdy, well built, with solidly built clams and short circuit protection. It also comes with the convenience of two USB ports to charge devices such as smartphones and an in-built torch. This could certainly come of great use if you ever find yourself in the middle of nowhere with a car that won’t start.

3. Scosche PowerUp 700 Portable Jump Starter

If you need a jump starter small enough to fit in your pocket yet can still do the job with ease, you might want to take a look at the Scosche PowerUp 700 Portable Jump Starter. Around the size of a portable smartphone charger and with an output of 700A, this jumper succeeds at being lightweight yet functional.

However, there are a few downsides to this lightweight alternative. Firstly, shorter jumper cables and secondly a lack of a USB-c port. However, if you only need to start a small car and don’t want to lug heavy equipment around, this is a fine choice.

4. GOOLOO 2000A Starter

Okay, still not powerful enough? Don’t want to have to lug around a colossal jump starter around? Continuing our theme of compact but powerful, the GOOLOO 2000A Compact Starter is capable of starting vehicles with up to a 10.0-liter gasoline engine or a 7.0-liter diesel engine.

Like our previous entries, this starter features USB ports, an inbuilt torch, and all the necessary safety requirements needed to prevent an unfortunate accident. Unlike the other entries, the in-built torch has three different modes: normal flashlight, strobe light, and SOS light.

5. Jomgand 2000A Peak Car Jump Starter 

[Super Capacity & Peak Current] Equipped with a high-speed polymer battery instead of a normal starter. With the super 2000A peak and 22000mAh capacity, it is easy to start a 12V vehicle (8.0L gas engines or 6.0L diesel engines), or even RV, motorcycle, tractor, lawnmower, speedboat. No need to recharge the jump starter often.

super 2000A peak and 22000mAh capacity for RV, motorcycle, tractor, lawnmower, speedboat

[5 in 1 Multi-Function] Emergency jump starter + Portable charger + LED stable flashlight + S.O.S lighting signal + Wireless charging. It can help you in any case whether you are in an emergency or in daily life, High or low temperature.

[Wireless Charging] Different from the traditional jump starters, the Jomgand JW401 is compatible with 10w wireless charging electronic devices. The jump pack is also equipped with USB output (5V 2.4A) / micro USB (5V 2A) and 5V 3A type C input.

Jomgand Car Jump Starter with 10W Wireless Charging

[LCD Screen & Durable] Jomgand battery charger uses ABS resistant fuel casing and Acrylic high transparent lens which is more durable than the ordinary plastic material. the digital LCD screen can exactly show the remaining power and the operating status of the jump starter.

[Ultra-bright Flashlight with SOS] The Car battery jump starter with 3 lighting modes which represents stable, strobe and SOS, it can be used as a torch, life-saving signal light, and traffic warning light. Whether you need light to change a tire, inspect an engine, or need to warn oncoming traffic that you are broken down on the side of the road, the ultra-bright LED flashlight will have you covered.

Jomgand car jump starter with Ultra-bright Flashlight with SOS

[Improved Safety Technology] Jomgand JW401 auto jump starter clamps with built-in protection circuit can provide short circuit protection, over-temperature protection, reverse-polarity protection, reverse-charge protection, over-charge protection, etc.

[Convenient Package & Portable] The ergonomic jump starter body can be held firmly in the user's hand. Different from the traditional jump starter, it is small and light, suitable for carrying around.

[Intimate After-sales Service] Jomgand car jump box offers a 12-month 100% free manufacturer warranty and a 30-day replacement without man-made damage.


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6. Clore Automotive JNCAIR 1700

Heavyweight but versatile, the JNCAIR 1700 is functional on a wide variety of vehicles and has an output of 1700A. This jump and carry utilize PROformer battery technology, which allows it to retain energy even when it is not in use.

Now, this jump starter is very powerful and can definitely start up most vehicles from a completely dead battery. However, there is one undeniable downside. It weighs around 18 pounds, so you are definitely not putting this one in your glove box or wallet. This would be of greater use if stored in a garage, store, or RV.

In this 2021 recommended purchase guide for 6 vehicle emergency jump starter, JOMGAND conducts a comprehensive analysis and evaluation through the product recommendation index, including praise rate, sales volume, popularity, price, and the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

Among them, JOMGAND multi-functional mobile starter power supply Because of the lowest price, it is the most cost-effective one on the list. And the high-power car power supply is the most popular product. JOMGAND fearless low-temperature  jump starter is also the highest-selling one on the list.

You can check whether they meet your requirements through your selection needs, so as to rationally purchase the products you need most!

TIP: Please do not start a car with a large engine repeatedly in a short time.

Please feel free to contact us for help: info@jomgand.com


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