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After entering the winter months, one thing that is very distressing for car owners is that it is difficult to light the car in winter. The following is a summary of the reasons and methods given by experienced drivers, which will hopefully help car owners who have been unable to start their cars for a long time.

Why is it difficult to start your car in winter?

The main reason is the cold winter, as well as in low latitude areas, such as Russia, Canada and other places, it is more common to get up every morning to push the car. Especially in the snowy and icy season, the oil pipeline is not easy to flow, so it is more difficult to hit, but also easy to stall, heat expansion and cold shrinkage, at the same time, the oil is very cold, poor lubrication, valve clearance contraction is smaller.

If you can't hit it once, some owners who are in a hurry to go to work will be anxious to hit it for a long time without interruption, which actually hurts the car a lot.
One is the oil, the winter oil are solidified, so that when starting the engine parts friction is very violent, the engine is very harmful.
The second is the battery, the battery as the car's storage power, when you do not drive there are still other parts are always in the power consumption (and individual electrical equipment forget to close), the battery is easy to feed the power, once the battery power loss, the car is difficult to start. If you still start the car hard, this will cause a lot of damage to the life of the battery, as it is in transition discharge. Together with long-term short-distance and low-speed use in winter, the battery voltage will be lower than the rated value, causing the car to start and fail to run normally, in such a case, so there is a card sound when starting, but also can not fire.

What to do if the car battery fails to start?

But really encountered the above situation, you do not rush. According to the following methods, a move to let your car back to normal.

1. Hitch start

Take out your own hitch cable and borrow it from other cars, one for each positive and negative pole.
Cars hitch start

 Keep in mind that the red colour of the hitch wire is connected to the positive battery terminal and the black colour is connected to the negative battery terminal. At the same time, the two wires should be operated separately when hitching and kept at a certain distance to prevent short circuit.
 The two car battery positive to positive, negative to negative connected, the connection process pay attention to safety, avoid contact with the positive pole, charging process to keep the rescue vehicle in the start state. Wait a few minutes for the rescue vehicle to charge a little, probably after a minute or so of charging time, and then try to start the rescue vehicle can be.
 The engine can now be started. Then the battery clamps are removed and finally the charge is successful.

This solution is well known, but there are quite a few drawbacks: 1, positive and negative poles connected to the opposite consequences are more serious; 2, the operation process is slightly troublesome; 3, need to find a car, in cold remote places is difficult; 4, winter may not be able to start.

2. Car emergency starter power to start the car

The operation steps are based on Jomgand car emergency starter as an example. Open the protective rubber cover of the emergency start power port (there is a fixed port access method to prevent us from inserting the wrong pole during use), first insert the blue connector of the battery clip into the main unit and make sure the battery clip light is off; then connect the battery clip correctly to the positive and negative poles of the car battery, red connects to the positive pole and black connects to the negative pole.

When the green light of the battery clip is on, it means the connection is correct and can be used for emergency start; when the green light flashes and beeps, it means the battery voltage is too low, press the Boost button and wait for the green light to be on for 30 seconds to complete the start operation; when the red light is on for a long time and beeps, it means the positive and negative terminals are connected incorrectly, reconnect them and wait for the green light to be on for a long time before using it for emergency start.

in a car
After confirming the above operation is correct, we can turn the car key to the start position and start the car. Once the start is complete, we can remove the battery clip.

This is the easiest and safest way to start your car with an emergency starter. Not only can it start the car, but it can also supply power to mobile phones, tablets, computers and other electronic devices, making it one of the safest rescue devices to keep with the car.

The above two methods should be learned by every car owner. Secondly, it is best to always have some car emergency starter power, multi-functional torch, life hammer and other tools in the car in order to deal with unexpected situations.

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