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You might remember your parents always had a pair of old twisted, tangled jumper cables in the bonnet of their car, ones that got messy, dirty and dusty. They were the same jumper cables where you had to ask another driver to come over and help you get your car started, or you would have to flag down a driver on the side of the road. Well, those days are over! Today you can get cutting edge portable jump starters that are multi functional, essential items for any car, light, durable, compact and easy to use.

There are a variety of cutting edge jump starters on the market. If you are buying new jump starters, portable battery operated jump starters are the way to go. You do need to buy the right size jump starters for your vehicle (small jump starters for a small vehicle, large jump starters for a more powerful vehicle) but all the high tech jump starters today have similar features.

Features to look for in jump starters:-

  • Portable jump starters
  • Compact jump starters
  • Light to carry
  • Easy to use
  • Strong batteries
  • Only need occasional charging
  • Multiple USB cables
  • Flashlights as part of the pack
  • Compressor as part of the pack
  • Inverter as part of the pack

Not all jump starters will have all of the above (only the very specialist jump starters also have compressors and inverters) but a good jump starter today will include a flashlight and USB charging points too.

When your car goes dead, you do not want to have to call the automobile association, call a friend, rely on a stranger for help, get messy, get stressed, or spend a fortune. If you have a good jumper pack, your problem is over quickly. A portable jump starter means anyone can take the jump starter out the car (they are light) and quickly get the car going. And a portable jump starter with excellent quality batteries, such as the Jomgand group, it is quick and easy, even for the most flummoxed of drivers.

Do we need to know how jump starters work?

It depends on how technical you want to get. You do need to know how to work them, but you don’t need to understand the workings behind them! What you do need to always have with you are the instructions, which do come with the compact, portable jump starters, either attached to the battery box or inside the whole pack. Never throw away the instructions although once you have used portable jump starters, you will always know how to use them. And if you are not technically minded, just follow the instructions carefully.

Basically, the jump starter power is known as CCA, which stands for cold cranking amps, or PA, which stands for peak amps. The CCA or PA is measured by putting a fully charged batter in an environment that is at zero degrees, and seeing or measuring the amount of amps it can discharge in a 30 second period.

The more amps that get discharged in a 30 second period, the more powerful is the jump starter. But you need to take into consideration the following:-

  • Size of your vehicle
  • Age of your vehicle
  • Size of your engine

A small vehicle needs a less powerful jump starter than an SUV, boat or tractor. Of course a truck needs a more powerful jump starter. But a small and old vehicle may need a slightly more powerful jump starter. A new car with a big engine might also manage pretty well with an average jump starter. You can either research the kind of jump starter that is best for your vehicle, or you can ask the supplier who you are buying from.

Buy your jump starters from a reputable auto repair store. You can buy online too, of course, but always read the reviews and make sure you know what you are buying. Check if your jump starter also has chargers, and if it has a flashlight. And if there are any other extras, you want to know about them too.

What we do advice is that you do not buy the jumper cables like your parents used to have. They work, sure, but they are outdated, messy, difficult to keep contained, and you need a second vehicle to get your own vehicle going. Yet even though we would suggest you buy a cutting edge jump starter, don’t discard the old ones. You never know who might end them, or when they might need them too.

Think of your community too!

Yes, you might be buying the smallest or least expensive jump starter on the market, but make sure it is one that will last a long time, maybe help your kids out when their cars don’t start, or your neighbours too. It’s pretty cool to be able to say to a friend, hey, I’ll bring over the portable jump starters when they call you in a panic. And it’s nice knowing how to use them too!

What is so great about the Jomgand jump starter

Look, there are a variety of jump starters on the market, so look up the various brands and do your own research. You might well find something else online, or at your auto repair shop. The Jomgand brand are strong, fabulous jump starters. They can start up to 8 litre gas engines or 6 litre diesel engines, with 2000 Amps and  22000 mAh, with the regular 12 voltage.  

The jump starter can easily stare a 12 V vehicle, an RV, a tractor, lawnmower or a speedboat. It can do a small or standard car easily. It is therefore better to have the stronger jump starter, as you can help yourself and others, and it is a jump starter for life. It does not need to be recharged often and it definitely won’t let you down! It operates in all temperatures and is compatible with almost all wireless electronic devices.

Do your research. Buy from an auto repair store or buy online. And never have a dead battery again!

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