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In recent years, with the continuous popularization of automobiles, many automotive products are also constantly innovating. The innovation and increase of in-vehicle products,of course indispensable to provide car owners with a convenient car emergency starting power supply for ignition, and many starter power supplies can also charge mobile devices such as mobile phones, which are almost a must for car owners. So, with so many car emergency start power supplies on the market now, how to choose the best portable car battery jump starter?


Meaning to look at the appearance, workmanship, size and craftsmanship of the emergency starting power supply of a car.

From which aspects look at the appearance and workmanship? We can look at the joints of the shell, whether the seam is wide, whether there are burrs, and whether there are oil stains, whether it feels good to the touch, the advanced technology is very comfortable to the touch, after polishing, the rubber oil polishing material It not only feels good, but also has strong insulation properties. Whether the art lines of the upper and lower covers or where the parts are combined are neat, whether the gap is uniform, and whether the shell is smooth and closed. These details can be carefully checked under light or sunlight. If there are flaws in these areas, they are most obvious when viewed in backlight. Finally, the color is correct or not, whether the color is natural, whether there are impurities, in addition to these, also pay attention to whether the surface color has chromatic aberration or black spots.

The other is to look at their functions. Now many jump starters have other functions,like jump starter & portable power bank, jumpsmart portable power and car jump starter with flashlight etc.

jump starter & portable power bank


Meaning to the selection of manufacturers and brands. Car emergency starter power supplies have become popular in the market. Currently, there are several well-known car emergency starter power supplies, but there are also many large factories entering. In this case, it is necessary for everyone to do more homework before choosing, and to check the manufacturer's information online. Generally speaking, professional manufacturers are more reliable than small workshop brands; manufacturers who have been in the business for a long time are more trustworthy than those who have just entered the field. In addition, it is emphasized that it is best to choose a polymer battery as the power source for the battery when choosing the emergency starting power source for the car. Compared with ordinary 18650 ordinary lithium batteries, polymer lithium batteries have better safety and longer service life. Jomgand is a manufactor of the batteries and electric products with a 20 years experience. Jomgand JW401 is made of lithium polymer materials. It is a portable car jump starter with usb power bank and flashlight

jumpsmart portable power and car jump starter with flashlight


Means to test by yourself to see the actual effect of the power supply. Here are some tips for you. It will be troublesome to test a car's startup, but the car's emergency startup power supply can also be used to charge a mobile phone. You can check the phone's emergency startup power supply to see the situation of the car's emergency startup power supply. If the situation permits, you can start the power supply for the car with less power, charge the mobile phone that is almost out of power or has been shut down due to no power, and see if it can work normally, so that you can roughly check the circuit design of a power supply. If conditions permit, you can choose Apple iPhone, which is a branded mobile phone with strict charging requirements.

portable car jump starter with usb power bank

Wish everyone can choose the best jump start battery pack in their own minds



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