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How to charge your phone by Jomgand Jump Starter

Jomgand Jump Starter JW401, the wireless charging is one of the major functions, you could charge your phone through wired charging or wireless. This article will show you how to charge your phone or other devices.

How to charge your phone through wireless charging?

When using wireless charging to charge a mobile phone, the coil area of the mobile phone must be aligned with and close to the wireless charging coil of the jump starter. If the mobile phone is not in the effective area of the wireless charging, the charging efficiency will be reduced or the charging cannot be started.

charge phone with wireless charging by jw401


  1. When using wireless charging, the wireless charging area on the back of the phone must not have metal obstructions, otherwise the protection function of wireless charging will be turned on and charging will stop.
  2. When using wireless charging, the wireless charging area will generate heat, which is normal. If the temperature is too high (≥60°C), the Jump starter will turn on high-temperature protection and stop charging.

7 Protection characteristics of Jomgand JW401 Jump Starter

  1. Over-voltage protection
  2. Under voltage protection
  3. Over-current protection
  4. Short circuit protection
  5. Overheating protection
  6. Under-temperature protection
  7. Ignition clamp reverse connection protection

How to charge your phone through wired charging?

The Jomgand JW401 Jump Starter has three ports:

- USB-A,

- Type-C,

- and Micro-USB ports.

charge phone with wired charging by jw401

You can recharge the Jump Starter through Type-C (5V/3A) or Micro-USB (5V/2A) ports, the only two wired output ports are Type-C (5V/3A) and USB-A (5V/2.4A) ports. You could charge your phone or other devices through these two ports.

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