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How Does the Car Jump Starter Work?-JOMGAND

The main job of the car emergency jump starter is to start the ignition power supply device to the car for a short time when the car battery is dead or dead and cannot be started. As most cars often suffer from battery loss, it is precisely because of this that the automotive jump starter industry is booming. Next, I will take you to understand the working principle of the power supply.
The working principle of the automobile jump starter system is mainly the inverter function, which is also the core function of the product. It includes discharge and storage, etc. Easy to carry and easy to operate are the original intentions of the car emergency design. It uses PVC and ABS shells, high-rate lithium polymer batteries, and digital LED power display. The car jump starter can be charged by car charger and home charger, and the product is equipped with automatic reverse charging and overcharging functions. It protects the circuit of starting the power supply. Constant light, flashing, SOS emergency light can be turned on only by tapping the white button.

The basic working principle of multi-function automobile jump starter

working principle of multi-function automobile jump starter
1. When the AC power is input, the auto start-up is used through the automatic switching and resetting (mutual switching device), and at the same time, the system controller charges and manages the AC power through the charger. Generally, the capacity of the car charger or home charger of the car's jump starter is generally 1/10 of the capacity of the product itself, which only provides supplementary functions for the product, and does not have the ability to provide inverter inverter current. Under the system regulation of the controller, the inverter will stop working. The input AC power will supply power to the car or other charging electronic products through the mutual input device (self-input and self-recovery).

2. When the AC power is interrupted or overvoltage, the controller system sends instructions to the mutual input device to switch to inverter power supply, and the power stored in the battery will be used to supply power to other products.

3. When the input AC voltage is normal, the controller's system will issue a command and the inverter will switch to the shutdown state. At this time, the mutual investment device starts to switch from the inverter to the AC bypass power supply. Provide AC power for charging other products. At the same time it will also charge the jump starter battery pack.

4. The car battery is generally 9V~16V. When the car starts, the engine starts to work. At this time, the car battery is about 14V. When the engine is turned off, the car's battery is approximately 12V. So all you need is a 12V jump starter, which can start most cars. JOMGAND car jump starter quipped with a high-speed polymer battery instead of a normal starter. With the super 2000A peak and 22000mAh capacity, it is easy to start a 12V vehicle (8.0L gas engines or 6.0L diesel engines), or even RV, motorcycle, tractor, lawnmower, speedboat. No need to recharge the jump starter often.


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