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1. What is a car emergency starter?

A car jump starter, also known as a "car emergency starter", is a portable starter that combines power supply and charging functions. It is a portable power supply that combines power supply and charging functions, and can be used to help start a car when it breaks down and cannot be started, and can also be used to charge mobile phones, tablets and other digital devices anytime and anywhere.

2. When do I need a car starter?

There are several situations in which a car cannot be started because it won't fire.

a. Unable to start the car due to cold weather.

b. The car battery loses power due to forgetting to turn off the headlights, heating, air conditioning and other equipment, and cannot start the car.

c. Electronic equipment in the car running with the car off and not starting the car for a long period of time will lose the electricity in the battery.

d. The car battery itself is damaged due to prolonged use. The life of the car battery is 2 to 3 years, beyond this period, there is a possibility that it will not start.

In the first three cases, the user can completely start the car with Jomgand car emergency starter power; in the latter case, the starter power can start the car first and drive for a period of time after the car is unable to move forward. Then repeat the above steps until the car repair point to replace the battery.

3. the car can not fire the original response plan?

The car needs to be powered by the car battery to run normally, so if the car runs out of power, it will be a disaster, either by asking for help or waiting for help.

The initial solution is to push the car to help ignite or traction to start, but this primitive method on the engine, clutch have a certain damage.

Next, have a battery hitch in the car and look for a neighbour, friend or a car passing by. Generally go through the following steps.

Step 1: Determine the location of the battery and park the recovery vehicle in a place suitable for a hitch.

Step 2: Use the battery hitch cable to connect the batteries of both vehicles. The positive terminal is connected to the positive terminal and the negative terminal is connected to the negative terminal. When connecting, note that the positive and negative poles should not be mistaken, and the two clips should not touch to avoid firing.

Step 3: Start the rescue vehicle first and turn off all electrical equipment for that vehicle.

Step 4: After the engine is running smoothly, start your own vehicle again.

Step 5: Once the engine of your own vehicle is running steadily, remove the battery hitch and keep the engine running for more than half an hour.

Another way of dealing with the problem is to call a service station, 4S shop rescue or car rescue type club and ask for help from professional car rescue technicians who will ask to judge the car's approximate problem and then rush to the scene for assistance, after which you must go to the service station to charge the battery before you can start the car.

But these two original methods have major drawbacks: they are time-consuming, costly and labour-intensive. If you do not configure your own hitching wire or do not rely on the village or shop before breaking down on the way, it will bring inconvenience to the car users!

4. What are the functions of the car starter power supply?

Jomgand car emergency starter power is one of the products of Jomgand Storage Technology Co. It combines emergency start, mobile charging, compass, night lighting, sos signal light and other multi-functions in one, which is a good tool for home and outdoor travel.

In order to meet the needs of different consumers, the products are divided into various models: W12 Elite, W12 Enhanced, W12 Premium, S400, S500, S600, W16, W18, X6, X7, V5. V. What are the conditions of use for car starters?

5. What are the conditions of use of the car starter power supply?

The car can be started instantly when the car is switched off, at a low temperature of -10 degrees Celsius and at a high temperature of 85 degrees Celsius in both indoor and outdoor environments.

6. Is the car starter power safe?

The car starter power supply adopts high quality electric cores, rejecting the instability caused by the pressure difference of ordinary or low-end electric cores. The power supply can be discharged at a constant voltage and the current is smooth, so it is fast and safe when charging mobile phones and iPads. In addition, the product can achieve fast constant current charging, constant voltage charging and balanced charging, with protection functions such as overcharge and overload to ensure that the device to be charged is not damaged.

In the case, we use high temperature resistant flame retardant material, which is shock resistant and impact resistant to avoid the risk caused by explosion and leakage of liquid.

7. Tips for using the car starter power supply?

The car starter power supply adopts intelligent polymer lithium battery movement, which should be fully powered before use to ensure its performance and service life. It has a high efficiency charging conversion rate and can achieve a quick charge in 3 hours.

8. How are the different car starters differentiated?

Jomgand car starter power differentiates between different products according to the different displacement and fuel classification. This is because the engine requirements for starting current are different for different displacement cars. According to mainland China standards, they are divided into: micro cars (with a displacement of 1L or less), ordinary class cars (with a displacement of 1.0~1.6L), intermediate class cars (with a displacement of 1.6~2.5L according to the car class classification standards), intermediate and senior cars (with a displacement of 2.5~4.0L) and senior cars (with a displacement of 4L or more).

In addition, car engines are classified according to the fuel used and can be divided into petrol and diesel engines.

Based on these two classifications, our company designs differentiated products to meet the needs of different consumers. To date, we have developed a range of products. When purchasing products, consumers must make an effective choice based on the displacement of their car and the fuel used.

9. Can a car starter power supply act as an electric battery?

Car starter power can only be used when the car is unable to start normally due to a loss of battery power. It only assists in starting the car and does not continuously charge the battery, this is because the car is powered by the engine for normal operation.

10. What are the instructions for using the car starter power supply?

Step 1: Connect the power clip to the positive and negative terminals of the car battery, with the red clip connecting the positive terminal and the black clip connecting the negative terminal;

Step 2: Insert the plug into the corresponding hole of the Jomgand car starter power supply;

Step 3: Turn on the car;

Step 4: Unplug the car starter power supply from the main draw hole;

Step 5: Remove the power clip from the positive and negative terminals of the car battery.

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